Introducing the IFG.VC Annual Membership

We offer an annual membership to our most active members. If you are planning on investing two times or more, then membership works out better for you. Membership also comes with a host of additional benefits.



  • 3.5% admin fee on deals (min. £87.50)
  • 5% exit fee (only on profit)
  • 24-hour deal priority (deals may never make it to non-members)
  • SEIS priority (relevant for UK tax payers who get access to this 50% tax-rebate)
  • Free access to our upcoming startup course bonus content (which we will be selling for £300+)


Non-members will still have access to deals:

  • 7% admin fee on deals (min. £175)
  • 7.5% exit fee (only on profit)

We are pretty well-priced

IFG.VC is pretty well-priced relative to the mainstream angel syndicate and crowdfunding market. Our commitment has always been to provide as many people access to investments they would not normally have access to. We want IFG.VC to be the best place in the world for access to the best startup deals.

This is very much about doing what is best for us and our community. We are happy to take the hit as we’re in this for the long term journey and we know ultimately what gets investors access to the best deal is best for us and our track-record. Without you IFG.VC does not exist.

See the full comparison below:

IFG.VC deals are always sharia-compliant

But hang on, what's this exit fee all about?

We have introduced an exit fee to bring ourselves in line with the market.

Exit fees also give us an important tool to use when working with industry contacts. We can offer them a share of the exit fee as a way for them to send us the deals rather than someone else. This is again beneficial for investors.

Okay - I Get the Fees - But Tell Me More About How This Will Optimise for The Best Deals?

Returns on Startup Investing

Startup investing is high risk high reward investing. It is also very non-linear investing. You should expect ~70% of your startup investments to fail, and all the returns to come from just a few deals.


In fact, 4.5% of invested capital in top venture capital funds made 60% of their returns

To target the best returns and hopefully get into a future unicorn (private companies valued at more than $1Bn) we need to do a few things:

  1. Invest in the best deals
  2. Invest with top quality investors
  3. Invest frequently

Most of our good deals come though the network we've built up over the years. We are constantly looking for new deals in our network and go through hundreds of startups in our search for 0-2 investments we make each month. We have also invested alongside top venture capital funds in the industry, including Amadeus Partners, Hoxton Ventures and Speed Invest. These are Europe's top startup investors who have previously backed startup unicorns.

In a nutshell we can't charge startups because:

  1. if you charge startups you don't attract the top VC deals. These startups do not have any shortage of investors - so they are not going to go for an investor who charges them.
  2. if you charge startups you lose reputation among the elite investors in the VC community. That then means you don't get this coveted deal flow and that means you lose out on your potential to find a unicorn. A very high number of unicorns will come from this top deal flow.


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